It’s 2021 and we are back!

We are back!
West Riding Track League is running this year as normal.
We are now able to return to activity and I’ve got the dates approved by Leeds Parks subject to any government changes. The gardeners have been working on the oval and hopefully it will be rolled in time for our events to start the second week of May.
I will be opening up registration for the League later this week and registering all events with British Cycling.
Prices will be going up a little and all events have to be pre-entered for track and trace and to cut down any queuing time. This should make sign on covid secure as your will just have to give your name to sign on.
We really need our volunteers to help run the event as in past years, so any help will be gratefully received.
We also want to advertise it to local schools so if you have any contacts please let me know.
Track bikes are available to hire as usual which will be done prior to the season for our regulars.
We can’t wait to get started!


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